Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The....Horror (Volume 2)

You don't write about the wife a whole lot. Maybe you take her for granted a bit. But she's the foreman at the plant...the backbone of the operation here in Boulder. Last night you were sleeping in the guest bedroom again because Logan had a cold and you all knew it was going to be a long night.

At 11:45pm you heard Logan crying and you came down to see if you could help the wife at all. She was cradling your little daughter. Rocking her back and forth gently, the way only a mother could. You felt like the spare tire on your car. Useless except in case of emergency. Logan still had her cold. Still congested and waking up every hour. You looked at your wife as she held Logan in her arms and prepared to sleep sitting up for most of the night. Your wife's eyes said everything through the silence. They told you "the next seven hours are going to be brutal but I'm her mother and I'll find a way......"

You wanted to help but you knew that if anything was going to give Logan sleep it was going to be the nipple -- Laura's, not yours. You felt useless. All you could do was prop a pillow under Laura's arm and wish her good luck. You left the room at 11:50pm. Feeling a little shorter than when you came down. Wondering if your will would have been as strong...thinking you knew the answer....

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