Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"It's Just That It's Delicate..."

Sometimes a song matches the mood you are in perfectly. Logan taking a one hour nap in her crib. Waking up as a fusspot. You walking her around and feeling her start to make a delicate nest of your shoulder. Damien Rice's brilliant "Delicate" playing in the living room. Filling every crack and every inch of space around you. No one else is home as Logan snuggles up and settles in. The light just starting to fade on the day. You listening to the wide open spaces in the song and swaying back and forth, imitating the quiet flow of a rocking chair. Kissing the back of her head and whispering in her ear. Knowing that she needs more sleep. Beaming inside that you might be the one to give it to her...

You moving to the sound of that sweet violin mixing in with the not so delicate sound of a six-month old snoring. That beautiful sound rising and falling like waves on the ocean and your shoulder is the beach. Feeling damp as a pool of saliva slowly spreads on your shirt. Thinking that you are happy no one else is around to disturb this...your back will soon ache and your arm will lose its strength but you're still happy no one else is around...you walk by the mirror roughly 56 times in the next 15 minutes and snap this picture...


  1. I miss those days with my boys :-) Now, I throw my back out trying to lift up my 55 lb 7 year old, and if I do manage it he usually kicks or punches me for my trouble! LOL

  2. Every once in a while you really, really, really appreciate what it means to be a dad. Usually it happens when you least expect it and somehow it makes it all worthwhile...and may I recommend a lower back workout so you can lift up your boy?!