Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Leaving On a Jet Plane....

Today was supposed to be our big day or travel back from family vacation in Florida. We made it through a 90 minute drive, clueless Marge at the ticket counter and then battled through security. We were set to fly from Miami to Charlotte and then connect on through Denver. A brutal day of travel to be sure...then they make an announcement that the flight to Charlotte was over sold. Way over sold. 12 passengers over sold somehow as the ticket agent told me.

Next thing I know he's offering me 600 per person(!)to bump us to a flight tomorrow that will get us DIRECT to Denver. I nearly lept over the counter to accept the offer. Somehow staying here one night in a pretty nice Doubletree will pay for the flights on our next two family vacations. The rest of the night was not so amazing to be sure. Logan was fussy and Avery was bored. We've got to think up something fun to do with the kids until our 6:15pm flight tomorrow night.

By the way whenever we have a long family travel day in front of us it always helps me to mentally prepare for the absolute worst; Logan screaming from the second we plop her in the car seat to the second we take her off the plane. Avery fussy as hell. A brutal, bumpy plane flight and me in a middle seat with heartburn and foot fungus. Somehow that puts me in a better frame of mind for the trip. I expect brutality. I usually get something better so it helps put a smile on my face.

Tomorrow we're going "home" to Boulder for our first time as a family. Here's hoping it won't be nearly as nasty a trip as it is in my mind. And if it is, it's ok too because I've got $1,800 good reasons to tolerate it....

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