Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Potty...

As gloriously detailed in Paper Parents Pop Quiz #4 (PPPQ4), our first daughter is slow on the draw with regards to sitting her fannie on the potty. She talks a good game but when it's time to deliver she looks at me with those innocent eyes and says she wants to pooh in her diaper as opposed to sitting on the dumper.

My patience is starting to wear a bit thin. Maybe being around other potty trained kids in school will fix things over time...maybe not. She's been in school for three months and it hasn't so I'm feeling the itch. We've tried bribery, and if promising her a full day's worth of ice cream doesn't work, nothing will...I'm running low on options, but one of them is still to let "nature" take its course. This is becoming a bit more difficult as time goes by because I don't clearly envision something coming along to change the situation.

I am open to suggestions for sure. Right now we're a bit stuck on what to do if anything at all! But I can tell you I'm wanting to feed her a gallon of laxative and tie her to the can until she craps her brains out! Probably not advisable though....

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