Sunday, December 6, 2009

“For My Infant Daughter…”

I was going through some old things I’d written back when daughter #1 was “fresh out the kitchen” as both R Kelly and I like to say. What an amazing time, too powerful to really put into words but that didn’t stop me from trying. I came across this old poem that I wince at a little bit but I don’t mind sharing…

Keep in mind I’m not a poet and never will be. Reading it now the “poem,” if you can call it that, was mediocre at best…an amateurish attempt to capture a feeling that was really beyond me. Clearly I was in over my head…looking back I’m more impressed that I even tried the medium…whatever…here it is

"For My Infant Daughter..."

While I'm still strong
and vital
will you know that
a long time ago
you listened to a song with your
and your daddy cried all over
the arm of your
pretty white dress

When I'm elderly
when I lay dying
will you comfort me
wipe my forehead
sing a song from your childhood
to make me smile
will you go so far as to
change me
as I changed you so many times?

When I'm gone
will you cry for me
miss me
hum a tune to yourself
will you wish you could hold me
hold me up
so we could dance together one more time?
the way I danced and whirled you in circles and cried all at

When you have your own daughter
will you rush home to see her?
will your day change when she flashes that
amazing smile?
will you remember us driving
and laughing
me kissing your hair
how you fell asleep on my shoulder
how I put you to bed
how I closed your diaper (a little too tight)
played with your pacifier
and often counted the minutes till you woke up in the morning
so I could see you again....

will you have any idea how we danced and I whirled you in a circle and cried
and cried
and cried
and cried

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