Tuesday, December 22, 2009


As usual, travel wasn't nearly as bad as I dreaded it would be. Two flights meant neither was longer than 1:50 in length and that meant travel in digestible chunks. Get to the airport, get to the Presidents Club, get on flight one, get to the Presidents Club, get on flight two, get to the house. No meltdowns, both kids behaving very, very well. We got to sleep last night feeling less than exhausted, minimal drama during the day...could we ask for more?

I'm watching daughter #1 playing catch with her grandfather. The wife and I went for a run today, something we haven't done in months. Both of us were feeling the effects of a long travel day yesterday so it wasn't a world class run but damn, just being able go four miles, just the two of us, felt like a vacation. When you've got two young children you tunnel vision so much, your attention is so focused on them, that when you have 45 minutes to spend with the wife it feels like 4 hours. Damn right we'll be doing as much of that as possible in the next two weeks...

More dispatches from the family front to come...

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